Keyword Research

Keyword selection is a most important part of any campaign, we research and select most suitable keywords that meet your goal.

Effective Ad Copy & Optimization

Ad Copy need to be creative and strategic. Only then can you expect a great ROI.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking significant actions taken by users on your website after they click through an ad is important because it will help you to make more informed.

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Webclox- PPC Agency That Delivers Positive Results

PPC Marketing is an extremely unique form of marketing. For one, you can guarantee that your site will list at the top of Google for particular keywords. After all, that’s what you’re paying for! And moreover, with PPC marketing, you can actually almost guarantee that you will make a profit for your efforts due to the very way it works. That’s why so many people choose Webclox as their PPC agency – because we know how to form strategies that are efficient and successful.

Webclox’s PPC Experts starts from writing highly engaging and effective advertising copy to targeting your ads through the right choice of keywords and the right ad settings.

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We have been working with Webclox for 3 years. They are handling our website and branding of our Company. Along with it they have develop a Quotation Software for us. I'm highly satisfied with all their Services so far. Their Creative Solution has brought amazing results in our growth

Ritesh Kumar
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Working with Webclox has been a pleasure. The team is always giving great Digital Solutions for and business development ideas. If you want to increase your digital impact then Webclox is your perfect partner!

Yatin Sachdeva
CEO-Sachdeva Properties
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Good thing about Webclox is that they deliver as per expectations and good value for money. Must say team is Creative with amazing Digital Marketing ideas.

Shashank Gupta
CEO-Saps Global
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